Unearth Premier Property for Sale in Kyrenia (Girne), Northern Cyprus

Nestled between the azure embrace of the Mediterranean Sea and the protective gaze of the Five Finger Mountains, Kyrenia, also known as Girne, stands as one of North Cyprus’s most enchanting cities. A harmony of history, natural beauty, and cosmopolitan living, Kyrenia offers an unparalleled living experience.

Why Kyrenia (Girne) Beckons Property Seekers?

2 black modern sunbeds sit besides a modern swimming pool which looks out onto a wide ocean at Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus, where the sun is setting.
Tourism Capital: Celebrated as the tourism capital of North Cyprus, Kyrenia ensures properties here are always in high demand for rentals, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Iconic Harbour: Kyrenia’s harbour, dotted with quaint cafes and historic boats, is not just a visual treat but a vibrant hub of local life and culture.

Scenic Beauty: From the rugged beauty of the mountains to the tranquil beaches like Turtle Beach, Kyrenia’s landscapes are diverse and captivating.
Vibrant Lifestyle: Whether you’re indulging in gourmet cuisine, exploring boutique shops, or attending local festivals, Kyrenia ensures every day is a celebration.

Featured Kyrenia Properties for Sale

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Why North Cyprus Property is Your Ideal
Partner in Kyrenia (Girne)?

Dual Knowledge: We understand and appreciate both the historic essence of Kyrenia and the modern vibe of Girne, ensuring you get properties that mirror the city’s dual charm.
Exclusive Listings: With our extensive network and local expertise, we bring to you exclusive properties in Kyrenia that aren’t available elsewhere.
Comprehensive Support: From initial inquiry to final paperwork, our team ensures your journey of acquiring property in Kyrenia (Girne) is smooth, transparent, and enjoyable.
Fly Before You Buy: Our unique program allows you to experience North Cyprus before making any commitments. Dive deep into the culture, savour the cuisine, and get a feel of the neighbourhoods before you decide.
A CGI show of a luxury apartment complex poolside in Kyrenia. To the left of the image are sunbeds and parasoles and in the foreground are various dark green plants.
A panoramic shot of a harbour in North Cyprus with colourful saiing boats docket. Behind are the small white buildings making up the harbourside and town while in the background are gentle mountains dotted with trees and green.

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